By Lee Braem and Ilana R. Morady

Seyfarth attorney Ilana Morady, along with Lee Braem, Senior Corporate Counsel at Evonik Dugussa Corporation, published an article, “Hazardous Material Enforcement is Spilling Into Unexpected Areas,” in the May 2012 issue of ACC Docket. In the article, the authors discuss how the types of materials that can be “hazardous” under the Hazardous Material Regulations (HMRs) are often surprising, yet failing to comply with the requirements for handling, packaging, marking, labeling, documenting, storing, moving, loading, unloading or shipping hazardous materials can be hazardous to a company’s bottom line.

According to the authors, “companies have received Letters of Investigation (LOIs) and similar enforcement notices relating to such everyday materials as batteries, hand sanitizers and office cleaners.” Such scenarios are happening throughout the country right now due to increased enforcement by the numerous agencies with authority over hazardous material shipments.

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