By Ilana R. Morady

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the Department of Transportation (DOT) agency that regulates commercial motor vehicles, is increasing its attention on passenger carriers. Earlier this year, FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro announced a targeted safety crackdown on motorcoach companies. The agency will be using specially trained investigative teams and coordinating with state law enforcement to implement the national safety sweep. The investigators and auditors will be specially trained on key areas that are applicable to the motorcoach industry, such as operating schedules, equipment storage, and driver qualifications.

In light of this new initiative, it is increasingly important for motorcoach companies to comply with FMCSA regulations and ensure the safety of passengers and drivers. Non-compliance can result not only in injuries, but also hefty fines. Moreover, the FMCSA SaferBus application allows consumers to check bus company safety performance and file complaints. A poor FMCSA safety record can repel potential customers and harm the company’s bottom line.