By Brent I. ClarkJames L. Curtis, Ilana R. MoradyPatrick D. JoyceAdam R. Young, and Daniel Birnbaum

Seyfarth Synopsis:  Here is today’s update from the presentations and room discussions at the ABA Occupational Safety and Health Law Committee’s 2018 Midwinter Meeting.

We are attending the ABA Occupational Safety and Health Law Meeting this week in Santa Monica, California.  Present are representatives from the OSH Review Commission, the MSH Review Commission, and the Solicitor’s Office.

Ann Rosenthal, Associate Solicitor for the Occupational Safety and Health Division, delivered remarks from the Solicitor’s Office and stressed that the change in administrations would not lessen enforcement efforts by OSHA.  Ms. Rosenthal discussed highlights from the Solicitor’s Office from the last year that included cases involving workplace violence, fall protection, and criminal penalties for employers.  It is anticipated that the Department of Labor will continue to focus its efforts on prosecuting these types of cases.  Ms. Rosenthal also indicated, while responding to questions, that the new administration is considering eliminating regulations under the beryllium rule and record-keeping rule.

Tom Galassi, Director, Directorate of Enforcement of OSHA, is also here and discussed key enforcement initiatives. Generally, Mr. Galassi echoed the general tone of Ms. Rosenthal’s remarks, emphasizing that OSHA is not slowing down in its enforcement efforts.  Accordingly, Mr. Galassi covered rising penalties, which continue to sharply increase.  Mr. Galassi highlighted that severe injury reports also continue to rise steadily, up from 10,887 to 11,590 reports last year.  Additionally, Mr. Galassi discussed two standards that were recently updated and have begun to be enforced by OSHA – the silica standard and walking work surfaces standard.  Both standards implement substantial burdens on employers and create compliance issues that impacts employers in a wide array of industries.

Mr. Galassi also stressed OSHA’s increasing budget and goal to increase the agency’s reach.  To that end the agency added over 70 employees last year comprised of enforcement and compliance personnel.  As such, employers should be sufficiently prepared for enforcement efforts that will continue to rise from these additional resources.

More to come from the conference tomorrow.…

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