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By Jeryl L. Olson

Coinciding with the June 2011 proposed revisions to the definition of solid waste, USEPA proposed for public notice and comment an “Environmental Justice Analysis” of the impact of the October 2008 rulemaking. The Environmental Justice Analysis looked critically at whether the 2008 rule accomplished the goals of resource conservation and waste reduction “…at the expense of

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By Jeryl L. Olson

USEPA has determined that certain information required to be submitted to the Agency under the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rules of 40 CFR Part 98 will not be treated as Confidential Business Information, but will be available to the public. In a Final Rule published in the Federal Register on May 26, 2011, USEPA amended the Confidential

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By Jeryl L. Olson

While many reported wetlands cases address the improper taking of wetlands, the elimination of wetlands, or the negative impact of development and industry on wetlands, there is a new twist on that theme in an Indiana case where the creation of wetlands was found to have a negative impact on industry. In the case of B&B

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