By Ilana R. Morady and Meagan Newman

California’s Safer Consumer Product regulations, which implement the state’s “Green Chemistry” law, will take effect October 1, 2013. The regulations require manufacturers of widely used consumer products to seek safer alternatives to harmful chemical ingredients.

The regulations, which apply to consumer products in the California stream of commerce, establish a three-step process:
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By Ilana R. Morady and Meagan Newman

By now it seems most large employers have implemented or are developing some form of sustainability program.  In recent years these efforts have moved beyond “green” iniatives such as reducing waste, water consumption and energy use, cutting emissions, changing lightbulbs or going paperless.  Today, sustainabilty programs and goals set by employers often include
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FTC.jpgAs the Federal Trade Commission gears up to begin enforcing green marketing violations, companies need to assess their marketing campaigns and ensure that they are incorporating all of the new requirements into their strategy!

We had previously blogged about the October 1, 2012, FTC publication of its final changes to the Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims

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When it comes to internal (and external) reporting on sustainability, there is a wide spectrum of content and quality. “Sustainability reporting” is broadly defined as reporting on economic, environmental and social impacts. Many companies now include occupational health and safety data in their sustainability reports. A recent study, however, concludes that the methodology for reporting health and safety data and evaluating these programs is flawed.
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By Ilana R. Morady and Eric E. Boyd

On October 1, 2012, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) published final changes to its Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims, commonly known as the “Green Guides.” The FTC first issued the Green Guides in 1992 to help marketers ensure that claims they make are true and substantiated. The guidance

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By Eric E. Boyd and Craig B. Simonsen

George P. Nassos, of George P. Nassos & Associates, recently provided our Group with a presentation on “The Urgency of Adopting Sustainability”. It is an interesting analysis on the rationale for and the cost-benefit value in adopting sustainability within large corporate businesses and organizations. Sustainable strategies are listed and reviewed.

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By Eric E. Boyd

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently released a study regarding “up to” claims, such as a  marketing claim that a product will save people “up to 47%” in energy costs.  Not surprisingly, the FTC study concluded that people interpret such claims to mean that the typical user would achieve the maximum benefit using the product. 

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By Adam W. Walsh

An article, “Green Issues to Consider in Drafting and Negotiating Office Building Leases,” by Seyfarth Real Estate partner Adam Walsh was published in the March 6 issue of Bloomberg BNA’s Real Estate Law & Industry Report. In the article, Adam discusses the finer points involved in drafting contracts for office buildings with Leadership

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By Eric E. Boyd and Ilana R. Morady

On February 21, 2012, the Obama Administration issued a Memorandum of Understanding to boost compliance with various mandates requiring federal agencies and contractors to purchase biobased products.  Biobased products are defined by the 2002 Farm Bill as “commercial or industrial products (other than food or feed) that are composed in whole, or

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By Ilana R. Morady and Eric E. Boyd

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently announced that it has extended the deadline for the public to submit comments on its new Appliance Labeling Rule.  The new regulations, which apply to residential furnaces, central air conditioners, and heat pumps, are mandated by the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (Act).  The Act

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