By Brent I. Clark, Meagan Newman, and Ilana R. Morady

A hot topic at the ABA Occupational Safety and Health Law Meeting – which we are attending this week in Tuscan, Arizona – has been who can serve as an employee representative during inspections.

OSHA takes the position that non-unionized employees can select a union organizer or community activist
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With the myriad of changes in regulations, court decisions, federal and state agency enforcement trends and guidance – while taking into consideration rising financial stakes associated with workplace safety and health issues – it can seem daunting to keep track of the various legal issues impacting employers.

To help you to follow and keep up with all of this, Seyfarth
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By James L. Curtis and Kerry M. Mohan

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) recently announced its new policy regarding employee participation in the investigation of serious chemical accidents.  The CSB’s new policy provides ten new rights to employees:

  1. At unionized sites, the CSB will notify the facility’s union(s) of its plans to investigate.  At non-union sites, the CSB

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