By Brent I. Clark

With enforcement activity at record levels, it is clear that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is “back in the enforcement business.”  Hospitality employers in particular are facing a new frontier of OSHA enforcement with many recent initiatives that apply to the hospitality workplace. In addition, OSHA has become much more aggressive in issuing citations, increasing the characterization of the citations issued, and proposing higher penalties.

Please join us on November 3, 2011, to discuss OSHA’s current enforcement initiatives and directives, inspection procedures and what employers can do to reduce risk.

Topics include:

  • OSHA’s new directives regarding workplace violence and whistleblowers
  • OSHA’s view on ergonomic hazards
  • Current OSHA National Emphasis Programs
  • The role of safety committees and safety bonus/incentive programs
  • How internal and outside audits of safety compliance can be effective
  • Best practices for effectively handling an OSHA inspection

This one hour session is a must for any individual in the hospitality industry.  Our panel consists of Seyfarth attorneys James Curtis and Meagan Newman, in Seyfarth’s Labor and Employment Department, who have extensive experience advising clients on a workplace safety and health issues.  They will provide attendees with information on enforcement trends as well as policies or practices that may expose their businesses to risks that may be avoided.

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